Tanked Tanka?

Dew droplets

On blades of grass

Like tiny beetles

Hugging leaves in

Clear morning light


My Best Event


18 thoughts on “Tanked Tanka?

    1. Hi Dusty!!!!!! (sorry for the multiple exclamation marks, I’d add more but that would be very indecent) Yeah, I signed up for this poetry class since I’d figured it would be a great way to learn from poetry masters … and now I know that I can’t count syllables to save my life 😦
      Nice to see you here too, by the way ;-).

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  1. Yes you can, count syllables. Each syllable is one beat, and the first line/sentence of a haiku is five beats. Mar y had a lamb – five beats. Which I’m sure you already know, duh on me. I can’t wait to read more. I wish you would put that last poem you wrote (a couple weeks ago, I think) front and center!!!! Hugs! 🙂

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    1. Wish it were that simple. I hated doing poetry for such a large part of my life 😦 Plus, it doesn’t help much that English isn’t my first language so I end up using a completely different formula to count those blasted syllables 😦

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