If I had a chance to spend a day in my favorite movie, I probably wouldn’t do it. I think I would ruin it.

In my opinion, there’s something wrong about taking a trip in your favorite movie. I love Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’. I think it’s probably one of the most puzzling, complex and definitely 100% original movie I’ve ever watched to date. I’ve never been able to tell when the dream, started, where it ends and whose dream it was in the first place. Really complex. ( Or maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.) The movie is already complicated enough as it is without having to watch someone – a complete idiot in glasses – bungling through the entire movie. It’s like dumping Charlie Chaplin in the Inception.

I love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies. If I could spend a day in the movies I’d want to be one of the Black Riders. Yes, they drown at some point, but I thought they looked positively sinister. And, I’d get to do the scene where they’re entering  Frodo’s room at The Prancing Pony and stabbing pillows. They didn’t get their hobbit, but it’s one of the best scenes in the entire movie. Also, I’d probably spend most of my time exploring Gondor.

The Ring has to be one of the best ever horror movie that came out of Hollywood. I spent the whole night after watching the movie picturing Samara standing at the foot of my bed;  lying beneath my bed, or hiding just beyond sight in some corner of my room. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep at all at night for a whole week! So would I willingly spend a day in ‘The Ring’? … Definitely not!

And lastly, I know this wasn’t part of the challenge, but I’d want to spend one day in Snow White and the Huntsman. Not because I liked it – I hated it – but because I thought I’d been hoodwinked! The movie wasn’t supposed to be about the Evil Queen, but she managed to steal the show single handed (applause). I loved the Queen. She had a certain depth of character which Snow lacked. So if I could spend a day in that movie I would: kidnap Snow, lock her up in some long abandoned castle tower (get some dragons to guard it – just for good measure – we wouldn’t want any princes getting ideas into their heads), leave the movie and change its name to ‘The Evil Queen and the Huntsman’.

Mission accomplished!

Response to Daily Post Challenge: Fourth Wall

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  1. I’d started to read this this but didn’t finish because I wasn’t familiar with “‘Inception.'” But did read through to the finish today. Your writing is really engaging. Time briefly fell away, and I forgot myself in your writing. A pleasure.



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